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Full text of "Brian London's resignation letter from Iowa Department of Public Safety"

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September 4,2013 

TO: Iowa Department of Public Safety 
FROM: Commissioner K. Brian London 
SUBJECT: Resignation for Personal Reasons 

To All My Division Directors and Staff: 

It is with mixed feelings that today I announce my resignation from the Iowa Department of Public Safety 
for personal reasons. After one year of service with the Department, I am very grateful for the many 
courtesies extended to me by Jeff Boeyink and his respective staff members. There is no way I can 
express all that is in my heart at this moment, or to thank all who deserve to be recognized. I think you 
know who you are. When I arrived at DPS, I had so much to learn. I thank all of you that had the 
courage to teach me, and the patience to wait for me to finally "get it". 

Over this past year I have worked with some of the best managers and colleagues that a man could ever 
wish for. And while it's difficult to name everyone individually, I would like to say a special thank you to 
my Executive Director, Steve Ponsetto, a consummate professional, beyond reproach, who supported me 
in every way. 

It has been a great opportunity to have worked together with people that I deeply admire, and to make 
what little contribution I could to the Department of Public Safety and our State. Over the past year, 
many things have improved. Together, we tackled numerous issues head on, confronted profound budget 
and staff reductions and, despite it all, with your hard work, we made significant accomplishments. The 
managers and staff within the Department are the people who made the most of the situation and who 
were able to make improvements in an environment of "do more with less". I am honored to have been a 
part of this process and to recognize the great commitment of those who have chosen public service as 
their primary career. 

I have found much to admire in all with whom I have served. Not every manager is so fortunate. I 
pushed my managers hard, and they responded admirably. In this regard, I want to thank all my great 
management team: Rey Reynolds, Col. David Garrison, Charis Paulson, Marty Deaton, Steve DeJoode, 
and Jim Saunders. I thank them for their cooperation and for every effort they made to make my job 
easier. I would also like to send a special word of thanks to my office staff: Roxanne Ryan, Amber 
Markham, Lt. Rob Hansen, SAC Kyle Gorsh, Lt. Nathan Fulk, Jeanie Flattery, and Diane Peters, who 
took care of me day in and day out. 

Those of you in public service, especially those who have chosen the profession of law enforcement and 
-fire service, are bound together for a lifetime - not by a common race, not by a common gender, and not 
by a common denomination. We are joined by our core values. They are expressed in different ways, but 
they are essentially the same. They are "integrity first", "honor, respect, and devotion to duty", "honor, 
courage, and commitment"; and '^excellence in all we do". The philosophy behind all of these values is 
the same: dedicated and honorable service to protect and defend the citizens of Iowa. 


I have no doubt that my Divisions and their staff will carry on quite well after my departure. After all, 
when you take your hand out of a bucket of water, the hole does not long remain. Many have contributed 
far more to the Department than I have. I hope that something will endure besides one year of wonderful 
memories and some great mementos added to my wall. I fancy that at one time I was a fair and honest 
manager, but I recall George Carlin's remark that "the older you get, the better you realize you were." 

At heart I have tried to be a teacher and a strategist. In these two professions I hope I was able to pass 
along some of the lessons I have learned over a 40 year career and also to make a small contribution to 
the Department's overall goals and strategy. I like to think that my best contribution was to our people. It 
would please me greatly if I had even a small hand in your success, and I hope you will always remember 
my two mottos: "Once you give up your integrity, everything else is a piece of cake", and "Just do the 
right thing, you will not always win, but you will always be right". 

My most important comments on this occasion are for the most important people in my life, my family. 
To my wonderful wife and best friend, Marie-Line, the source of my greatest happiness: our children and 
our continuing life together. I will never be able to adequately express how much her love, support, 
sacrifice, and wise counsel has meant to me. Perhaps now I can in some small way repay fier for her 
devotion to me as she has followed me around the United States over the years. 

I close with one final thought - We weave the fabric of our lives slowly and draw from many strands - 
most importantly of family, but also of friends, experiences, accomplishments, disappointments, hopes for 
the future, and shared and personal memories. Some of the men and women whose respect I most cherish 
have woven their lives from these same threads of service, self-sacrifice, and honor. If you take public 
service seriously, you become a part of it, and it becomes part of you. I did so without reservation, and 
the threads of commitment, sacrifice, and dedication in my own life are indelible. 

I have received far more from the Department than I could ever have put into it. I am a better, happier, 
wiser, and healthier man because of my service. This transition occurs with a measure of surprise at the 
rapid passing of the years, but without regrets or second thoughts. I worked hard, I did my duty as best I 
knew how, and I am as proud of my service with the Department as anything in my life. 

Thank you all for all of your support and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. 

Warmest regards,